We couldn’t be more pleased with Angela’s design. Our family of six spends much of our waking, together hours lingering in the kitchen. Angela was able to give us a layout that accommodates the demands of four kids and still entertain in a clean, classically warm environment. Budget was very important to us, and Angela’s purposeful decisions enabled us to stick to that budget. As a commercial builder, I was impressed.

Jack Roberts




In addition to a timeless yet fresh design aesthetic, Angela brings a great eye for and understanding of construction detailing to the table.  She has the ability to envision the design while considering the ultimate form and function, understands what it will take to make it a reality, and also maintains the flexibility to adapt the design on the fly to make it work.  She is very hands on, and that is a tremendous asset when it comes to insuring that what was drawn on the page does in fact come to life.  Working with her was great!

Cole Pofahl

Cole Thomas Homes



In 30 years doing this, I haven't seen this much professionalism from a designer.

Steve Donaldson

Yates Flooring Center




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